Gabinete de Curiosidades – Oslo in November

Gabinete de Curiosidades in Oslo
Shoot Gallery
is proud to announce “Gabinete de Curiosidades”, a solo exhibition addressing issues of recategorisation, ecology and biology through photography by Brazilian artist Daniel Malva.

Visit the exhibition site here.

The exhibition was a great success at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in London,  chosen by  FAD as one of the top five exhibitions to see in London. It was also featured in Wall Street International, Londonist, and international publication Another Magazine, as well as a number of Brazilian publications, ‘gabinete de curiosidades’ is “an exhibition that combines scientific interest and artistic merit in an engaging display” (Londonist).


There is the sensation of stumbling upon a Victorian parlour – various specimens greet you, neatly catalogued, as you browse the zoological display. Iridescent beetles, a terrifyingly life-like spider, a toucan, a pelican and a mandrill – all pinned in boxes or propped on stands, carefully preserved, some through taxidermy, others, formaldehyde.

However, the dusty cabinets and vitrines of the Victorian collector’s house are replaced with hauntingly intimate photographs, milky and pale. Each creature looks suspended, at once present, yet just out of reach. Other images shock as the eye focuses to find the subject amongst this optical fog. A disembodied hand, a human skull, a whale heart – the border between animal and human is blurred and hard to distinguish.

The choice of these strange and sometimes unsettling subjects hails from the artist’s background in biology, which he studied before going on to earn his Bacherlor’s degree in photography from Senac. During his time in the natural sciences, Malva spent four years working at the Genome Project – and it was this experience, coupled with visits to natural history museums in and around the small towns of São Paulo, that was influential in the synthesis of his now iconic photographic work.

Daniel Malva treats his photographs as beautiful objects as well as meaningful images. In an era when anybody can make pictures, it is wonderful to discover an artist like Malva who is working with photography in a way not everybody can do.

Photography has always been brilliant at the instant. But sometimes the instant is not what you need, especially when contemplating something to stay in the home for years. There are many ways of slowing photography down, and here is an artist that takes pleasure in them.

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